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Articles > Clinic Brings 'Hope' to Asian Americans

Apr 19, 2010
by Patty Shieh

FOX 26

HOUSTON — During one weekend, Houston will serve as the host city for the largest multicultural health festival in Texas. To prepare for that event, FOX 26 will examine the specific challenges and trends that could make a difference.

The Hope Clinic in southwest Houston has greatly developed since 2002. Volunteers would treat the Asian American population in Houston just four hours a month. But consider this, Houston has the fourth largest Asian American population in the U.S., which would explain why Hope Clinic has recently expanded its facility and added a doctor.

"Our staff speaks Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean. We have Burmese too. We have a Hindu doctor coming on board this week." says Dr. Andrea Caracostis. But, even that multilingual group is not enough to cope with all the languages spoken by those in the waiting room.

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