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Articles > The Real Enemy

May 14, 2010
by Phra Paisal Visalo

The violence that occurred on April 10 on Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue was a great loss for all parties involved — be they the government, the UDD — and all Thais. Every one of us lost. If the destruction on that day was called a victory, then it was a victory for anger and hatred.

After the violence, everyone is pointing fingers at the other side, overlooking the crux of the problem. It is the anger and hatred which pushes us into being vindictive enemies. The more we feel angry and hateful, the more vigorous our finger-pointing gets, and the louder our condemnation becomes. So much so we have forgotten it is the anger and hatred in our hearts that has driven us to be part of the violence, directly and indirectly.

Anger and hatred does not hurt others only, it also hurts us. Whenever we let anger and hatred dominate us, it affects our mind, our disposition, our behaviour.

It is hate and anger which has turned people who used to have goodwill towards one another into enemies, ready to jump at each other’s throats, to beat up, even to kill with cold blood. In other words, it has turned us into devils without our realising it.

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