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Articles > Survey studies reproductive health of Asian, Pacific Islander women

Apr 27, 2010
by Ashley Luu

The Daily Titan

FULLERTON, Calif. — Female Asian and Pacific Islander students at Cal State Fullerton have the lowest rates for pap smear screening and knowledge about reproductive and sexual health, according to a survey conducted by students enrolled in the API community-based health research and field studies class. The class is an experimental course that conducts studies to raise awareness about these issues for the community.

Asian-American studies professor Sang Leng Trieu said about two percent of all research is focused on APIs, even though APIs make up five percent of the population in the United States. “API women, in particular, are understudied and underrepresented, so conducting research on this group helps to fill that data gap,” Trieu said.

Students in class are able to formulate conclusions based on statistics from the survey, which was conducted last semester.

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