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Articles > Tackling Asian American Health Disparities

May 23, 2010
by Allison Keyes


In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Tell Me More takes a look at health care in the Asian-American community. A recent issue of the American Journal of Public Healthdedicated entirely to this topic found striking disparities between certain groups of Asian Americans and non-Asians. Kathy Lim Ko, director of The Asian and Pacific Islander Health Care Forum, joins guest host Allison Keyes for a conversation about why these health gaps exist, and how they can be bridged.


As we continue coverage of Asian-American Heritage Month, we want to turn next to some surprising news about health disparities between those of Asian descent and other Americans, as well as major differences among groups within the Asian-American community.

With us to discuss the overall trends found by recent studies detailed in the American Journal Public Health is Kathy Ko. Ko is President and CEO of the Asian Pacific Islander Health Forum, which had input on the special edition of the journal. Kathy, welcome to the program.

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