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Articles > Thousands rally for immigration reform

Apr 15, 2010
by James Tabafunda

The Northwest Asian Weekly

SEATTLE — They arrived at Seattle’s Occidental Park by the busload — 92 to be exact. Most of them carried large signs and banners commemorating the National Day of Action on Immigration.

One person carried a white sign with the message, “Yes, We Can” in large orange letters. Another person carried a yellow sign that read, “We Are America.” One in the back read, “We Pay Taxes, Too.”

The Stand Up in Seattle for Immigration Reform rally was hosted by the Washington Immigration Reform Coalition (WIRC) for America on April 10. Attendees with smart phones texted JUSTICE to 69866 so they could receive action alerts on immigration reform via text messages. In turn, the community will help generate thousands of calls to President Obama and members of Congress in support of immigration reform.

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