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San Francisco, CA

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The Asian and Pacific Islander Youth Advocacy Network (AYAN) calls for the support of programs and services that prioritize Asian and Pacific Islander (API) youth. As 43% of the 17 and under age population, API youth face critical needs that San Francisco city agencies and community organizations need to partner in addressing. Among these needs are:

prevention and intervention programs that work with API youth at-risk of entering and/or within the juvenile justice system; strategies to address violence committed against API youth; and behavioral health issues such as depression, suicide, self-esteem and substance use/abuse.


AYAN is a coalition of over 17 community organizations, city agencies, and community leaders dedicated to advocating on behalf of API youth in San Francisco. 

AYAN consists of 3 working committees:

Behavioral Health Sub-Committee:
Focuses on developing SF's city and community capacity to meet the health care needs specific to API youth and their families. In addition, advocating for services that maintain and enhance community-based agencies’ ability outreach to, engage and deliver behavioral health services to API youth.

Education Sub-Committee:
Focuses on issues related to education and the San Francisco Unified School District, specifically addressing incidents of violence and racial harassment against API youth in and around school sites. Additionally, advocating for culturally competent translation and interpretation services to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) families

Juvenile Justice Sub-Committee:
Focuses on issues related to Juvenile Justice and the Juvenile Probation and Court System. AYAN's recommendations are a starting point in addressing the specific needs of API youth and families in San Francisco’s juvenile justice system.