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Resources > Community Health for Asian Americans (CHAA) - Oakland

Phone: 510.835.2777
Fax: 510.835.0164
Organization Type: Community Agency
Languages Spoken: Bengali, Bhutanese, Burmese, Cambodian, Cantonese, Hindi, Japanese, Lao, Malay, Mandarin, Mongolian, Nepalese, Rakhaing, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Tibetan, Tongan, Vietnamese


268 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
Phone: 510.835.2777
Fax: 510.835.0164

More Information:

CHAA's Alameda County programs site located in Oakland, offers children's mental health services (individual, group and family therapy, case management); co-occurring mental health/alcohol and other drugs treatment for youth; and adult mental health services (psychotherapy, some case management through CalWORKs program for eligible clients). Services are provided at our Oakland office site and at the following school sites: Oakland High School, Garfield Elementary, Calvin Simmons Middle School, Edna Brewer Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School, Westlake Elementary School.

Behavioral Health Services: CHAA's Oakland site offers children's mental health service, co-occurring mental health/alcohol and other drugs treatment for youth, and adult mental health services. All services are provided at our Oakland office site and at the following schools: Oakland High School, Garfield Elementary, Edna Brewer Middle School, and Bella Vista Elementary School. AOD services are provided at Oakland High School and United for Success Academy. CHAA specializes in serving Asian American and Pacific Islander populations that require services by a culturally similar provider. Our philosophy focuses on cultural competency, a multicultural and strength-based approach, and language fluency. However, we do not limit our services to a particular group and we welcome all referrals. 

Substance Abuse Treatment for Asian Youth (SATAY)
SATAY is a low intensive outpatient Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment program which targets Asian children and adolescents age 18 and under with substance abuse issues that affect major areas of functioning. Individual and group counseling are provided in schools and at the clinic. This program provides timely intervention for the youngsters and their families to maintain or restore their optimal functioning in the community. The interventions include not only therapeutic services but also psycho-education, community outreach and case management service. 

Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Program 
The EPSDT/School Based mental health services are specially designed for approximately 60-80 non-restricted, full scope Medi-Cal eligible children and the youth in Alameda County under the age of 21 with a DSM-IV diagnosis. Services include weekly individual therapy, family therapy, individual rehabilitation, case management and other collateral services. Medication and crisis intervention are provided as needed. The service will be delivered in local schools and at CHAA-Oakland to make the services as accessible as possible especially for those who are hard to reach due to language and cultural barriers, isolation and resistance to mental health care.

Adult Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS)
CHAA's mental health services specially designed for non-restricted, full scope Medi-Cal eligible adults in Alameda County who require the system of care services. Each individual will receive a psychosocial assessment, individual therapy, and psychiatric medication treatment (when needed). Services are delivered in the community where the service beneficiaries are, such as health clinics and community gathering places to make the services as accessible as possible especially for those who are hard to reach due to language and cultural barriers, isolation and resistance to mental health care.

California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs)
CalWORKs participants meeting welfare-to-work requirements may receive treatment for Mental Health. The aim of the CalWORKs Mental Health Program is to assure that recipients reduce and remove behavioral health barriers to employment. CHAA is committed to helping the client improve functioning in all domains: health, mental health, parenting, education and of course, employment. As such, we are interested in creating effective comprehensive treatment plans that address these various domains. Treatment is focused on addressing the barriers to employment including reduction in symptoms, improved sleep, improved concentration, and increased motivation. This is accomplished through accurate assessment, thorough treatment planning, regular individual and group therapy, case management, and ongoing collaboration with other service providers.


Health Equity Initiatives: CHAA also has a Prevention and Early Intervention mental health program (API Connections) working with unserved Asian and Pacific Islander communities living in Alameda County, a Berkeley-Albany-based MHSA-funded Innovations program working with Asian and Pacific Islander women (Sisterhood for Wellness), an HIV Testing and Prevention Program (Sisterhood for Wellness - HIV Testing and Prevention) working with underserved Asian, Pacific Islander and African immigrant and refugee women, and the Nail Salon Workers Greening Their Jobs and the Environment project, funded as part of The California Endowment's 10-year Building Healthy Communities Initiative in Oakland, CA. This project will help Oakland to change the nail salon industry by improving working conditions for nail salon workers and reducing the greenhouse gas and other toxic pollutants from nail salons. For more information, please follow these links: API Connections: API Connections Nail Salon Workers Greening Their Jobs and the Environment: Building Healthy Communities Initiative: For more on the initiative, see and Languages for CHAA's Health Equity programs in Alameda County include: Bangla, Burmese, Hindi, Mongolian, Nepali (for Bhutanese and Nelapi communities), Rakhaing, Tagalog, Thai, Tibetan, Tongan, and Vietnamese.


Hours of operation: Monday  Friday, 9:00 a.m.  6:00 p.m.
Eligibility requirements: Call for information
Area served: Alameda County, Marin County
Languages spoken or available: Bangla, Burmese, Cantonese / 广东话, English, Hindi / हिन्दी, Hokkien, Khmer (Cambodian), Malay / Maleyu, Mandarin / 普通话, Mien, Mongolian, Nepali, Rakhaing, Spanish / Español, Tagalog, Thai / ภาษาไทย, Tibetan, Tongan, Vietnamese / Việt

Fees charged: MediCal. MediCare, some uninsured (program dependent), most private insurance, sliding scale
Handicapped Access: Handicapped accessible
Transportation: Call for information