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Organization Type: Community Agency

More Information:

The Mission

Hepatitis B, also known as the “silent killer”, significantly affects Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) more than any other population and yet little progress has been made to screen and vaccinate APIs in counties that have a high percentage of APIs, such as Alameda County.

The API community within Alameda County has been largely isolated from health services due to lingual, cultural, and socioeconomic obstacles. This project will jump start the fight against Hepatitis B by collaborating with existing organizations, government agencies, students, and people to work together to eradicate this disease.

The Project

The Hep B Project was created to address this preventable health disparity, with a focus on educating, screening, and vaccinating at-risk Asian populations (such as emerging Asian communities) in Alameda County at no cost to the community. The Hep B Project offers FREE Hepatitis B screenings and vaccinations for the Asian & Pacific Islander (API) community of Alameda County at designated locations and Street Level Health Project in Oakland. Also, in accordance with the project’s mission to provide culturally competent education about the disease, translators and translated documents are available at all screening events for patients.

What makes the Hep B Project special is the unprecedented breadth and fiscal efficiency of its approach to eliminating a public health disparity. Most other organizations usually focus on one area, whether it be providing education or medical services—oftentimes with a larger budget—instead of attacking an issue from all angles.

This project will:

  • Educate the API population about Hepatitis B using volunteers Screen and vaccinate for Hepatitis B with the support of health professionals and free clinic
  • Establish a relationship between the API community and existing health services within the county.
  • Through teamwork and cooperation, this project will tackle a major health issue in the API community.

The Clinic

The Hep B Project holds clinic every Wednesday and Saturday. Patients may choose which one to drop by and seek vaccination, screenings, or be educated about the hepatitis B virus. Vaccinations are not available during Saturday clinic.

  • Wednesday: 1:30 - 4 PM, Street Level Health Project, 2501 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA. Hepatitis B education, screenings, and vaccinations. Cost: FREE
  • Saturday: 10 - 11:20 AM, 818 Webster St, Oakland, CA, inside Asian Health Services. Hepatitis B education and screenings. Cost: FREE