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Videos > Voices of Prevention -- The SPF Prevention FaaSamoa Project


This video, shown at SAMHSA's 8th annual Prevention Day in February 2012, recognizes the work of the SPF Prevention FaaSamoa Project to prevent substance abuse in American Samoan communities and implement culturally competent prevention practices. The SPF Prevention FaaSamoa (Fah-UH S-AH-mō-ah) Project incorporates the strengths and resources of the Samoan culture in prevention and intervention programs and strategies, making them specific to the indigenous Pacific population. The SPF Prevention FaaSamoa Project has allowed for many firsts in the territory. Twelve community coalitions were created simultaneously that focus on systematic, data-driven, evidence-based prevention and intervention programs and strategies tailored to meet the needs of their villages. An NREPP recognized program, the Strengthening Samoan Families curriculum, was adapted to meet the unique needs of the Pacific communities. Comprehensive strategies, both individual and environmental, that reflect Samoan traditions and culture have been implemented as well.